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Goku with friends reborn!

FIRST UNIVERSE DRAGON BALL COMES IN STEAM! With custom avatar, fight shoulder to shoulder with Trunks and many other characters, DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE will allow you to re-visit the famous battle of the series. Will this be enough for the Union to intervene in a fight and recover the known history of Dragon Ball? New features include the mysterious city Tokitoki, new mechanics heroes and much more about what we tell you soon!


ADJUSTABLE Avatars – Players themselves create your own character to the world Dragon Ball. Choose from earthlings, Maggini, sayyanov, namekianov or clan members friezes and start a fight!

NEW WORLD – A clock that stopped once again begin their move in mysterious futuristic city Tokitoki!

New characters – World – android, try to become the most powerful creatures in the universe; Tova – a scientist from the dark world of demons; Time Lord Kai – deity, there will be more 75 million years ago, and her companion, a bird named Tokitoki very powerful form of life, capable of producing time!

SYSTEM OF TEACHERS – choose the original character Dragon Ball, which you want to make your teacher. Your choice depends on your skill set and circuit training. Your teacher may even suddenly appear on the battlefield during your battles!

STRONG DIVE – At the heart of the game is one the most popular TV series in history.

Enhanced gaming – Enjoy a new dynamic and a deep combat system!

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