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The super-elite Anniversary Edition contains:

– The new eye and teeth operations that many of you have been waiting for. Rejoice!

– Updated graphics – slicker, smoother, shinier – as if Bob (and his organs) have just stepped out of the salon…

– Additional environments – you’ll now get to try surgery while racing down a hospital corridor.

– Stat tracking – shows how well you’ve done in your last 9 surgeries, so you can fine-tune your skills. Malpractice makes perfect, remember?

– 42 brand new achievements for you to tear your hair out over.

– That amazing soundtrack that you keep complimenting us on? Well – that’s included too.

From carrying out terrifying transplants in theatre, to surgical procedures in the hospital corridor, Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition takes malpractice to the next level.


Packages that include this game

1. Surgeon Simulator

2. Surgeon Simulator – Anniversary Edition Content (DLC)

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  • 4 out of 5 93aboutroy (verified owner)

    awesome game !!

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